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What To Look For From Far Infrared Saunas


Far infrared saunas are increasingly popular, and you may have decided to get one to install in your home. If so, you might not be finding enough information out there about what makes for the best far infrared sauna experience. What features should be present in higher-end models, and what aspects should make you reconsider a particular brand? This buying guide should help you answer some of those questions.

What Makes For Better Far Infrared Saunas?

When you’re looking for a better far infrared sauna than what the competitors are offering, you want one with sizeable infrared heating panels. They should surround the user on all the interior walls, which produces maximum body coverage. You want as much absorption of infrared heat and light that you can get, and it’s this design that makes the most sense.

You should have large carbon heater panels on all the walls, including front heaters located on either side of the glass door. In the front of the bench seat should be lower leg heaters, as well as a floor heater for the feet as well.

As for the door, it should be made of glass and should have heavy-duty steel door hinges to support it. The framework should be sturdy enough so that there will be no cracking or warping after being repeatedly subjected to heat.

What Should You Avoid?

There are several aspects of poorly-designed far infrared saunas that will immediately let you know you’re dealing with an inferior model. For example, there should be floor joists supporting the floor. A weak floor will buckle and sag after extended use, so make sure joists are there to secure it in place. As you’re buying the sauna, ask the sales rep about the weight limit and test it out.

There might also be an insufficient number of backrest slats. Spaces between horizontal slats can allow the naked skin to come in content with the heating elements, which needs to be avoided.

Avoid any far infrared saunas that are constructed of poplar or California redwood. Poplar is soft and porous, and it becomes bruised and dented easily. With California redwood, splinters are frequent, and other woods offer better heat retention.

If you’re unsure about some aspect of a model, take the time to look at the reviews for it online, and be sure to ask any questions that you have in online forums or with sale representatives. There are often lots of people out there who want to talk about their experiences with the different far infrared saunas, and you should take advantage of their opinions.

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