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Customer Reviews

The following are just some of the positive things that our customers are saying about us. We are pleased to find that our infrared saunas are such a success and can be so beneficial to so many individuals and families. We want to thank all our customers for allowing us to fulfill our mission - to cultivate joyful, natural and healthy lifestyles. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 800-528-3110.




Assembly was very easy

"I was not sure how effective infra red would be in breaking a sweat. After using for a few weeks now, I find it to be very effective. Plenty of heat come from these 7 panels. Assembly was very easy, to be on the safe side only the front side with the glass took a second person to put in place. One of the latches that secure the sides together was bent, maybe from shipping. JHN put one in the mail no questions asked. I have a bad elbow and since I have been using this sauna it has been feeling better. Overall to this point, very pleased. "

 Scott C.

Awesome Zero-EMF sauna at a great price!

"Was paying expensive membership fees to a sauna club, and decided to take the plunge and buy one of these Zero-EMF saunas from JNH Lifestyles instead, and am I glad I did ! It was very easy to assemble (did most of it by myself), extremely well-constructed, and shipped in protective packaging. I've been using it almost every day now, it's typically the first thing I do when I get up in the morning. After a month of using it I feel so much better, and I don't have to leave my house to do it !!! Thank you JNH !!!"

Ronald Kent


Great Sauna

"I have used a traditional Sauna for many years and have enjoyed them. When it was time to replace my traditional cedar sauna I looked into the infrared units. After much comparison shopping and reading reviews I decided to try the JNH Lifestyles 2 person model. It was easy to assemble, I did it myself in about an hour. I did need help carrying the unit downstairs and holding the front in place as I snapped them together. I was in using the sauna within 90 minutes from it being delivered. At first I thought the limit of having 60 degrees was going to be an issue and I would not get as much out of this sauna, man was I wrong. I have been using this now for 30 days and have seen my weight drop, my skin become clearer and my sleep improve. I use the sauna 5-6 days a week and can't wait to see my changes in 6 months. I am 100% recommending this unit to everyone that will listen. Thanks for producing such a great product."

Patty Krieger

Like legos for cold adult

"The day that it was delivered I received a phone call from the company telling me that it was waiting for me at home and to give me a direct line to them if I had any trouble with assembly. This minuscule detail really made my day for some reason. I was prepared for a bucket full of screws, nuts, and bolts and bales of wood along with a small novel in poorly worded English barely describing how to put it together. It came in 6 pieces and a few baggies of screws. I had thought to clear out some space and spend a chunk of the weekend getting it together. From getting the boxes opened to plugging it in took 60 minutes. I am not a handy person and I had zero problems with this. The assembly instructions were a single page and were good enough for me to get the job done. I had a slight issue with getting the glass door slotted with the side wall, but a rubber mallet and a few well placed taps fixed that. Seriously, to whomever designed this and to the people who fabricated it, terrific job. We'll see how well the heating elements hold up over time, but for now, I'm very pleased. Notes: The glass door is the heaviest bit of the entire unit. I needed help getting it up the stairs. The heating elements radiate at around 60°C, and the fronts have a very soft fabric that will attract cats like moths to a flame. To turn the thing on, you'll need to hold the power button for a few seconds. I was expecting something instantaneous and thought I had a bad power supply. Turns out I was wrong"

Samuel Koepnick

All I expected and more!

"Many years ago I had an in-home sauna and really loved it. When I saw the JNH models I knew it was time again for an in-home sauna. The two-person sauna fit perfectly in our bedroom. It arrived on-time and was operational in just a couple of hours including cleaning up the boxes, lol. I'm very impressed with the ease of use and how easy it was to assemble. They recommend two people but I managed just fine alone. This is a super value and I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking to get a personal sauna for their home."

John Watters

 Sweaty Bliss

"The entire experience from buying, to delivery, to setup, to usage has been wonderful! It was delivered super fast, only took 5 days from the day I ordered it for delivery to my door. The drivers were polite and placed the boxes right where I wanted. It came in 3 large boxes and my two high school boys put the sauna together in less than 2 hours (probably would have been faster but they were horsing around). The sauna is very well constructed and the materials appear to be high quality and sturdy. I used the sauna the same day it came and someone from JNH Lifestyles customer service contacted me to ask if I had any questions about anything. Its gets hot within 15 to 20 minutes and I get a great sweat going. I am very happy with this purchase. "

Erica Kon

Love this Sauna

"I bought this for pain relief and detoxing and I love it. I use it almost every day. With one other person it was easy to setup and the design is excellent. We put it together in about an hour and a half. Really well constructed and functional. It fits in a bedroom easily, heats quickly and the in-sauna speakers are great. I chill and listen to music while relaxing and sweating. It's an excellent addition to my house!"


Best purchase I've made in a really long time!!!

"One of the best purchases I have ever made....when the cartons came in I was a little intimidated but it all came together easily....me and my wife use it everyday sometimes twice a day....the quality is amazing the workmanship and it looks so beautiful in our home....the company had great service also they called me before and after to make sure I was happy.....Thank you so much JNH Lifestlyes you guys rock."


Awesome customer service

"Customer Service here is top notch! Extremely friendly and very good about keeping in contact. Within an hour or two from placing my order, I was met with a very friendly phone call to check on my experience and tell me about my Sauna. Delivery was also pretty fast. Although I have only had my sauna a short time, already I love it. Set up was very intuitive, and was easily completed within 20 minutes. Design is beautiful. Heats up quickly and very roomy. I definitely recommend."


Everything we wanted and more

"This sauna is everything we wanted and more. It came in a timely manner, was easy to assemble and works great! Our sales person was Liz, she was professional and very courteous, JNH customer service is outstanding. We highly recommend this product and this company"


I love my sauna!

"I have a new best friend and JNH lifestyle Sauna is its name! I am enjoying having the comforts of a sauna in my house. this sauna is beautiful, was easy to put together and is more than I expected."

Shireena McClenninghamon

Very easy to assemble

"Very easy to assemble, heats up in about 20 mins. Great value and we're very happy with it. Delivery was fast, and when we had questions the JNH team was very helpful. The speakers don't sound the best, though I wasn't expecting hi-fi sound...they still do the job nicely. I recommend this product."


Best purchase I made in a long time

"This sauna is unbelievable. I received it on Saturday, put it together Sunday, it took me about 2 hours including getting it from my garage to my basement piece by piece. I was able to build it myself. I have been in it every day since I plugged it in, I go in for 40 minutes at 60 degrees and I feel amazing after. My friend who told me to buy a sauna is super jealous because his takes 1 hours to heat up and mine takes 20 minutes. Don't even think or look further just buy this sauna!!!!"


Detoxing toxic mold

"My wife and I learned so much about the benefits of an infrared sauna after we were exposed to indoor toxic mold. A huge part of our detox was having us use sauna's to pull toxins out of our bodies. As we did, it really opened our eyes at how important it is to sweat, and how it can greatly benefit your health. What we discovered as well, we are exposed to all kinds of chemicals everyday, just cleaning around our homes. Everything we use, spray etc., our bodies will absorb way more than you realize. When we first started detox using a sauna, it took me about a week before I full saw the difference. I always felt I wasn't one who really sweat, but after a week, my body opened up and water poured out. I've never felt more refreshed, the clarity I experienced really opened my mind to how fog brained I had become. Sweating now isn't like something negative, I drink so much water now, it's such a clean purifying experience. Everyone we have met now that is into health or have experienced having been exposed to mold like we have all learn how important taking time to detox with a sauna like this so very important. I even saw while detoxing when I felt a cold coming on, or maybe it was the flu, getting in the sauna shut it down. I know our bodies run fevers when sick to burn what our bodies don't want out and having a home sauna like the one we bought and love from JNH Lifestyles (2 Person Far Infrared Sauna). It came in three boxes, the sauna is solid and very well built. I'm no handy man and I found it so simple to put together with my wife. I've heard some have set up in less than 25 minutes, we took our time, made sure we followed directions and it was less than an hour. 90% of the sauna just latches, you only have a few screws. If I can put it together, anyone can. If anyone has questions, please ask. We could not be more satisfied. I'm sure you will be as well."

Gary and Melinda

An awesome product from an awesome company

"I wanted to get a sauna because I work out a lot, and my muscles are pretty much in constant stress-caused pain. I've also been sleeping poorly at night for as long as I can remember. When I started looking at saunas, I found two types of saunas: Ones from expensive known brands, which were out of my budget, and ones from a companies with amateur web sites promoting what looked like "sticker products" (brand-less saunas imported from China by an individual or small company, that then had some obscure brand labeling). I started digging deeper, in order to find out which saunas were actually backed up by legitimate and trustworthy companies. I needed to have someone on the other side that could help me figure out which model of sauna would be best for me, as well as help me if I ran into problems after I bought the sauna. Most of the sticker-product saunas didn't have any reviews, and the phone numbers on the site led to answering machines. One brand stood out, and that was JNH Lifestyles. All of the sensible reviews I found were positive, and when I picked up the phone to learn more about the company, I had the pleasure of talking to Manny, from the customer support team, who is a very nice and professional person. He explained that JNH Lifestyles manufactures and distributes their own saunas. Manny guided me through the purchasing process. After I ordered the sauna, Manny stayed in touch, to make sure everything had arrived all right, and I wasn't having a hard time putting it together (I didn't). I've had the sauna for three weeks now, and I love it. I spend about 30 minutes in it every night. I get to sleep whole nights, and my muscle recovery time has reduced dramatically. Bottom line: I highly recommend buying a sauna from JNH Lifestyles. These guys are sauna professionals, and their saunas really work. "


I can't stop talking about it

"Let me statr by saying "no tool" assembly means: you need a screwdriver...that's it. I have very limited space and had to use my engineering skills to get this together in a tight place, but a little planning goes a long way. The design of this sauna is extremely well thought out, and it looks beautiful. I freaked out during the shipping process (there was a holiday involved), but the customer service was very willing to help, and it seemed like the entire office was working on resolving the issue (which turned out to be nothing more than another website was not updated and I was impatient). I was able to put it together myself with little trouble, although I was a bit over the two hour mark thanks to the curious animals. After using it once, I slept like a baby. Downfall: I can't stop talking about it at work, and suddenly I have several coworkers wanting to come over and use it."

Seth Engel

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