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Trying A Detox? Your Far Infrared Sauna Can Help


It seems like these days words like “detox” and “cleanse” are splashed all over the internet, but what do they really mean? Can you actually “detox” your body, and would you need to? How would a detox work, and how does a far infrared sauna help?

All About Detoxing and “Cleanses”

After an indulging holiday season, many people feel like they want to “detox” their body by ridding themselves of excess sugar and alcohol. Others are uneasy about the number of chemicals that the average person is exposed to during the day, from fluoride in toothpaste to compounds in soft drinks and dyes in lipstick. They wonder if sauna use will help remove some of these chemicals from your body, imagining the internal equivalent of giving your kitchen a good scrub. But the truth is a little more complicated.

Your Lovely Liver

The truth is that your body is regularly “detoxing” all the time, via the natural filtration ability of your kidneys and liver. While chronic exposure to certain chemicals (such as lead and other heavy metals) can be very dangerous, the common idea of a juice fast or other “detox” does nothing to remove these metals. Rather, your body must remove them itself, and one great way to do this is through sweat.

Why Do I Feel So Good After A “Detox”?

Just because a juice fast doesn’t remove chemicals or heavy metals from your body doesn’t mean that it isn’t beneficial for your health in other way. . Many people can benefit from moderating their consumption of unhealthy foods and compounds like caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and nicotine. Your body is always working to clear these compounds from your bloodstream, and when you refrain from consuming them, you get to experience how good you feel without them. This is where your infrared sauna comes in because one of the ways your body clears toxins is through sweating. The increased core temperature that results from a far infrared sauna can boost your metabolism, which means that your body will clear the toxins that much faster.

With all of this in mind, don’t fall for pricey “cleanses” or “detox programs” that promise you more than they can deliver. If you’re feeling the need to clean up your act, instead try something simpler, like eating healthy food, drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep, and enjoying frequent infrared sauna sessions. You might find that you’ve “detoxed” your way into better health, without any of the hassle!


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