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Is The Far Infrared Sauna Better For Home Use?


You might have heard about far infrared sauna usage from a relative, friend, or coworker. Perhaps they were extolling its virtues in the areas of stress relief, pain management, or elimination of toxins. But is the use of a far infrared sauna really so much better than the other methods? variety? If you have a gym or health club membership and you can use a traditional sauna there, but that way, you might not be sold on the whole idea yet. Here are some facts that might change your mind.

Benefits Specific to the Far Infrared Sauna

One big difference between the traditional sauna and the infrared version is that the latter is much easier for you to install in your home. The conventional sauna takes up a lot more space and energy and is still considered a luxury item in most circles. But However, you can set up an infrared sauna in any living situation, and it is much cheaper and easier. Plus, it’s nice to be able to relax and enjoy its benefits in the privacy of your at home., in privacy. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a shared sauna experience at a gym or health club, but you might not be able to relax fully unless you’re in your own space and entirely comfortable.

Another difference is the heat temperature that at which each type of sauna operates at. For a traditional sauna, you’re looking at a heat range that could go as high as 185 or 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Some people find that to be overpowering and uncomfortable. By contrast, an infrared sauna uses a milder temperature range of 120 to 150 degrees. Infrared heat also travels much further into the body., though. This means that you are sweating more from inferred heat it than the traditional version, and you are ridding yourself of harmful toxins lurking beneath the skin.

The power needs of an infrared sauna are also much less than that of a traditional version, making it ideal for home use. A conventional sauna requires an average of 6 kW for a session, while an infrared sauna uses only 1.6. That’s a big difference! It means that a traditional version is about three times more expensive to run than a far infrared variety.

For these reasons, it is obvious why a far infrared sauna is a superior choice for personal use. You’ll save money, be able to have a relaxing experience in the privacy of your own home, and you’ll get the full range of health benefits that this treatment offers. 

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