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Far Infrared Saunas Can Help Get Rid Of Cellulite


You may have heard some of the benefits of far infrared saunas from a friend or family member. Maybe they’re using one in their homes to treat chronic arthritis pain, or for inducing sweat to get rid of toxins. They might be using it for relaxation or quiet time away from the stress in their lives. All of those are valid reasons for using an infrared sauna, but there’s another benefit that maybe you don’t know about. If you’re looking to reduce cellulite, then an infrared sauna might be a safe and affordable answer.

Sauna Use For Cellulite Reduction

Saunas can help you lose weight, as sweating and getting your heart rate up is a way to burn calories. But what about cellulite? Cellulite is a gel-like substance that consists of fatty residue, organic waste, and water. It becomes trapped below the skin and can be cosmetically unappealing. You’ll be excited to know that the far infrared heat that is generated by a home sauna targets fatty tissue in the subcutaneous skin layer. With infrared heat, fat becomes water-soluble and can be purged from the body by sweat. The kidneys, liver, and bowels will also eliminate some of it as it enters the bloodstream. Once you build up a good sweat profusely, this will get rid of the body’s unwanted debris.

The reason that the far infrared sauna is more effective than the conventional sauna in fighting cellulite is that infrared radiation penetrates deeper into the body. This process is completely safe. The body stores toxins in fat so when you use your sauna regularly, the body becomes less toxic and will require less fat storage. Sauna use combined with rigorous exercise makes it nearly impossible for you to retain excess fat and for new cellulite to be produced. An additional way to combat cellulite is to vigorously massage the areas of the body where it is visible.

You should start slowly with your new sauna, not using it for more than ten minutes at a time 2-3 times a week. As your body becomes used to it, you can start doing longer sessions. You’ll be amazed at how infrared sauna use targets the cellulite in your problem areas, and you’ll feel relaxed and focused after usage as well.  

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