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Far Infrared Sauna Use Can Help Cancer Patients


There are many benefits that you get with the regular use of a far infrared sauna. Whether you are older or younger, healthy or dealing with an with an illness, you can achieve positive results with consistent use. You might be aware that a far infrared sauna can help you lose weight, detoxify, relax, and cope with stress, but did you know that it can also help cancer patients?

Far Infrared Sauna and Cancer Treatment

Infrared sauna treatment for cancer is promising because of a process called selective toxicity. The hyperthermic effects of infrared radiation from a home sauna are only harmful to malignant (cancerous) cells. The healthy cells of your body are immune to infrared radiation. Exposure to this type of radiation is good for normal cells because it draws out any harmful toxins that are slowing you down and making you ill. However, if you have cancer, then exposing your body to this sort of heat can eradicate cancer cells without harming the others. Sweating will eliminate the toxins and cancer cells that can’t survive in the heat.

Because of this, personal far infrared saunas are becoming more popular among cancer patients. With the combination of cell maintenance and regeneration plus toxin elimination, this is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that can help with your recovery. This is not to suggest that sauna use can cure cancer, but instead that it can augment conventional treatment and help you feel better as you deal with the effects of difficult ordeals like chemotherapy.

When setting up a place in your home for sauna use, make sure that it’s in a room where without anything to distract you. If there’s a spot where noise doesn’t usually reach, that would be ideal. If you’re going through chemo, it’s best to start with a shorter session, not longer than ten to fifteen minutes. If you respond well to that, you can work your way up. Finally, make sure that you rehydrate with electrolytes when you’re done.

Fighting cancer can be the most significant challenge that you will ever face, but with a far infrared sauna, you’ll have another weapon in your arsenal. You’ll be able to seek a peace of mind and body, and you can do so at home where you feel the most comfortable.  

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