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Infrared Saunas: A Safer Way to Enjoy the Benefits Linked to Saunas


Infrared Saunas: A Safer Way to Enjoy the Benefits Linked to Saunas

Since its invention in Finland over 2000 years ago, where its use quickly became a way of life, the sauna has spread to every corner of the world. From its early days as a smoke-filled log cabin (which took half a day to reach ideal temperatures), the modern sauna now begins the heating process with the lighting of a wood burning stove, or the flick of an electrical switch.

Health Benefits – But Not for All

While the health benefits of regular traditional sauna use are well documented, saunas are not suitable for everyone. A traditional sauna operates at around 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Sauna aficionados increase the humidity and temperature levels by adding water to the bed of heated rocks. In reasonably fit, healthy individuals, the increased temperature may help detoxify the body, assist with weight loss, and improve circulation by way of a faster heart rate. However, individuals who suffer from respiratory or cardiac problems may find it difficult to breath due to the high humidity level. It is recommended that these individuals consult their physician prior to beginning a sauna routine to avoid any adverse health effects.

Introducing the Infrared Sauna

Modern saunas have taken advantage of the advances in heating technology by utilizing infrared light to provide a lower operating temperature (140 degrees Fahrenheit), eliminating the need to use steam. Infrared saunas operate by using heat generated from such light, as opposed to heat generated from solid fuel or electrically heated stoves. The term ‘far infrared sauna’ comes from the fact that the infrared rays lay on the ‘far’ end of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Where traditional saunas heat the environment, which in turn increases body temperature, infrared saunas increase body temperature directly using the rays of infrared lamps. As a result, the temperature in the sauna cabin remains constant, and the air free of humidity.

A Safer Way to Relax

With the increase in popularity of infrared saunas, a portable far infrared sauna can be installed in all but the smallest of homes. Without the need for insulation to retain heat, and extractors to remove the steam, greater numbers of people are beginning to enjoy the benefits of a far infrared sauna. 

Although further research needs to be carried out, studies into the benefits of infrared saunas in treating a number of chronic health problems have yielded positive results. More importantly, studies found no ill-effects for those who suffer hypertension, heart, or respiratory problems, one of the major concerns with traditional saunas.

So, if you’ve always fancied getting back to nature in the privacy of your own log cabin, but had concerns about the effects on your general health, consider a far infrared sauna, and invite your friends ‘round for a party.


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