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Watch Out For These Features Of Infrared Saunas


As you are looking at the different infrared saunas on the market, it may be hard to choose between them. Should you look for popularity and brand recognition? What about the price? Are American-made saunas better than foreign-made, or vice versa? While all these factors are worthy of consideration, getting a high-quality product should be at the top of your list. You don’t want to consider infrared saunas that are going to fall apart within the first few weeks of owning them. Here are some points of emphasis as you look at what’s out there on the market.

What Wood Was Used?

Many people wouldn’t stop to consider what type of wood their infrared sauna is made from, but it matters a lot. Improperly cured wood should be avoided, along with aspen, fir, and western pine. Aspen scratches and dents very easily and will warp over time with heat exposure. Fir has low shock resistance and is low in strength. Saunas made of fir also produce a distinct odor. Western pine isn’t used much for infrared saunas but avoid it if you see it. It’s often knotty, and it can be subject to what is called outgassing, which causes irritability of nasal membranes and eyes.

Your best bets for highest-quality infrared saunas are Canadian and Western red cedar or Pacific Coast Hemlock. Canadian or Western red cedar both have a low shrinkage factor. They’re great thermal insulators, and they’re exceptionally durable. They have fantastic heat retention, and they’re ideal for outdoor locations. Pacific Coast Hemlock is also very stable and is unlikely to bend or bow. The edges will be straight and clean, and it stands up to expansion and contraction. It also has virtually no odor and very little resin.

Poor Engineering

The other aspect of infrared saunas for which you want to be on the lookout is inferior engineering. Don’t get saunas that have large glass walls on the front and sides. They look good, but they don’t leave enough space for the heaters. You also don’t want to get a sauna that does not have an adequate number of panels and heating elements. Saunas of inferior design don’t have enough elements, and those that they have are smaller. If you have a heavy glass door insert, make sure that the hinges can support it. If you see cheap piano door hinges, then it's not a high-end sauna.

Now you should have the information you need to select the infrared saunas that are the best on the market. Don’t settle for anything less as you narrow down your choices. 

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