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Using Your Infrared Sauna In The Warmer Months


While regular infrared sauna use makes intuitive sense during the chilly, dark days of winter, some people are surprised to hear that the weather doesn’t have to be cold to experience infrared sauna’s numerous benefits. If you’ve been worrying that the change of weather means that you’ll have to cut back on your sauna sessions, set your mind at ease! Here are our tips for enjoying your sauna during the warmer months.

Teaching Your Body to Deal With Heat

In addition to the other benefits that an infrared sauna can provide--such as pain relief, decreased stress, lowered blood pressure, and better sleep--did you know that your sauna can also help you acclimate to the heat of the outdoors? In our modern life, many of us spend most of our time inside climate-controlled buildings. This means that our bodies never have a chance to adapt to outdoor temperatures, which means that when we do have to spend time outside, we are more uncomfortable and less able to tolerate temperature extremes. This can be distressing if you need to work outside, attend an event, or just want to experience time in nature. Using the sauna gives your body a natural, healthy way to adapt to the heat, making it easier to stay outside when you want to.

Better Sleep

One important aspect of sauna use that is often overlooked during the summer is better sleep. Saunas can help you improve the quality of your sleep during the summer in two ways. First, as noted above, sauna use helps your body become more heat-adapted, so that your sweltering bedroom won’t “feel” as hot. Second, regular sauna use is profoundly relaxing, helping to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. If life’s anxieties have been causing your mind to race and keeping you up at night, regular sauna use can help you calm down.

How to Use Your Sauna in The Summer

While it’s always important to be smart about sauna use , keep in mind that during the summer you can tend to be more vulnerable to dehydration and elevated body temperatures. Here are some tips to stay safe:

● Hydrate well before and after you use your sauna, especially if you’re exercising or otherwise sweating during the day.

● Gently lower your body temperature after a sauna session. Taking a lukewarm shower immediately following your session is an easy way to do this.

● Don’t drink before you use the sauna, or during your session. Especially during the summer, alcohol can contribute to dehydration, which put you at risk for passing out. Be safe and take your session sober.

Whether you’ve been using your sauna to control symptoms or to manage stress, you don’t have to give up the relief and relaxation benefits just because it’s hot outside. Instead, employ our common-sense tips and keep enjoying your infrared sauna benefits all year long.


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