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Meditation In An Infrared Sauna Can Give You A Sense Of Tranquility


There are many cultures who have used meditation to achieve calmness and tranquility for hundreds of years. It allows them to go about their daily lives in a more relaxed state, not bothered by the obstacles that arise. Use of an infrared sauna is healthy for many reasons, but it is also possible to incorporate sauna use with meditation, and the results are incredibly positive. Here is how you can combine these two activities to gain clarity, insight, and physical and mental recharging that you can take into the world.

The Steps

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are uninterrupted. In regards to how long of a sauna/meditation session you’ll want, it’s best to start with no more than fifteen or twenty minutes. Most meditation takes advantage of deep breathing to arrive at a state of higher consciousness or relaxation, and doing so in the heat can be draining. If you’ve meditated before, and you’re able to guide yourself, then that’s a great place to start. However, if you’ve never done it before there’s a handy app called Headspace that will talk you through it. Wear earbuds to focus and follow the directions. The nice thing about Headspace is that the lessons build on each other, so you can do simple mental exercises as you become more familiar with the practice of meditation.

The Sensations And Effects

The heat inside of a sauna makes meditation and deep breathing more intense than at normal temperatures. You must become used to the weather, and not be distracted by the perspiration. As your body dispels toxins and your heart rate rises, you may feel sensations of floating or drifting. Try to remain within yourself, acutely aware of your surroundings and your place in the world. Focus on your breathing and disconnect yourself from any problems or negative thoughts within your headspace.

When you get in the habit of doing this a couple of times a week, you’ll find that your blood pressure stabilizes. Your problems and challenges will seem easier to overcome. Your breathing will be easier, and you’ll feel more grounded. Most importantly, you will be calmer and carry less stress.

With the combination of meditation and a far infrared sauna, you will be more relaxed and stabilized throughout the day. Stick to the routine, and the many benefits will make you look forward to every session.  

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