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Buying Guide

This section is aimed for the customer that has decided they want an infrared sauna due to the numerous benefits it provides but needs help in choosing the "right one". As we envision every household owning their own home sauna one day, we have different models tailored to each one's needs. This section will start with an overall explanation on the different collection of saunas we offer and follows with more detailed information about each specification and the unique features that put us apart from our competitors and finally our certifications, warranty and guarantees to put that last single unsure mind at ease.

Sauna Collections

Sauna Collections         Wood Type Heater Type  Starts At 
Copper Western Hemlock Carbon Fiber Heater   $2299
Silver Western Hemlock Carbon Fiber Heater $2449
Gold Western Red Cedar   Carbon Fiber Heater $3499
Ensi Western Hemlock Zero EMF Carbon Fiber Heater  TBC


Sauna Sizing

Sauna Sizes   

1 Person 90cm (W) x 90cm (D) x 190cm (H)
2 Person 120cm (W) x 100cm (D) x 190cm (H)
3 Person 150cm (W) x 100cm (D) x 190cm (H)
4 Person 180cm (W) x 120cm (D) x 190cm (H)
Corner 150cm (Back) x 65cm (Corner) x 120cm (Front) x 190cm (H)   


Heater Type

What is the difference between ceramic and carbon fiber heaters?

Both types of heaters provide the same health benefits and will produce the results you’re after. The difference is in the heat distribution between the two heaters and the type of sauna experience you want.

Carbon fiber heaters are best for those who would prefer a long, relaxing sauna session or for those seeking healing from a chronic condition or disease. If you desire a quick, intense sweat, you may wan to go with a ceramic heater. Below, we’ve provided a comparison of the two types of heaters to help you decide:

Ceramic Heaters
• Have a high emissivity (degree at which material can emit)
• Last an average of 9,000 hours
• Are rod-shaped for optimum FIR dispersement
• Are made of true ceramic
• Do not have a large surface area but because they are enclosed in a reflective plate, the far infrared is able to
target a large portion of the body
• Have the fastest warm-up time to produce a very intense heat that will allow you to sweat within minutes

Carbon Fiber Heaters
• Have a high emissivity (degree at which material can emit)
• Last an average of 18,000 hours
• Are made of a thin carbon plate for even heat and FIR emission
• Are flexible and less fragile
• Have a flat surface that allows for a more even heat distribution
• Have the largest flat surface area that infrared heaters offer
• Offer low wattage for a more gentle, therapeutic heat
• Provide the same health benefits as ceramic


Wood Type

What is the different between Hemlock wood and Red Cedar wood?

Both type of wood are seen commonly in making saunas. The main difference between them is the strength of the wood and it's aroma. Hemlock wood are in general harder than red cedar wood however it is not a natural rot-resistant/anti-fungal wood and does not come with the aromatic benefits that red cedar has. Below we've provded you a more in depth description of each type of wood.

Western Hemlock

Western hemlock is the single most plentiful tree species on the coast of British Columbia. It grows along both the east and west sides of the Coast Range, from sea level to mid–elevations, as well as in the Interior wet belt west of the Rocky Mountains. On average it typically grows 30 to 50 metres tall and 1 to 1.5 metres in diameter.

Western hemlock is firmly established as an outstanding wood for moldings and is also used for interior woodworking. Other uses include: doors, windows, interior finish, floors, suspended ceilings, ladders, and other purposes where a high-grade softwood is needed. In addition, our Western hemlock lumber is kiln dried which inhibits natural staining of the wood, improves its strength and stiffness, enhances its appearance, and increases its resistance to decay and attack by insects.

Western hemlock appears nearly white to pale brown with a purplish tinge and is straight-grained, fairly even in texture, and somewhat lustrous.

For more information about Western Hemlock Wood, please click here.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a tall and broad tree - easily growing to 150-200 feet, with a conical and irregular crown and many leaders while being the broadest in the northwest, with a buttressed base easily reaching two to eight feet in diameter, surpassing 15-20 feet at found-level in the oldest specimens. It is most commonly found in the lush forests of moist habitats- forested swamps, riparian areas and stream banks.

An internet search for western red cedar products reveals the versatility of this species’ soft wood. A leader in shingles and siding, other classic uses include poles, fences, decks, windows and doors, frames and moldings, paneling, greenhouses, outdoor furniture, saunas, boats, gazebos, and much more.

It provides some of the lightest wood of the conifers, soft in texture and easily worked without specialized equipment. Despite that, it is one of the most durable woods in the world. Finished correctly, western red cedar products will last for decades – even centuries – weathering and aging year after year, holding their own in the elements.

The wood is also exceptionally aromatic. Properly sealed, it may retain its pungent odor for longer than a century, repelling moths and other pests – one reason for its popularity in paneling for closets and lining storage chests. It’s also extraordinarily attractive – richly textured, with fine, even, straight grain in warm tones of amber, cinnamon, and sienna, with a lush, satin luster.

The beauty of this wood compliments virtually all architectural designs – from the very old to the most modern.

For more information about Western Red Cedar Wood, please click here.


Unique Features (that set us apart from others)

Practical Structural Design. Mobility made simple.

We know life can take you places, and you’ll want to bring your sauna along. Distinctively engineered for the modern person or family seeking a continues healthy lifestyle. You will never need to leave your sauna behind. With easy disassembly you can always re-build your sauna anywhere you want in no time.

Lifelong Exterior. Built to last.

Every session causes your sauna to expand and contract, wearing-out over time. DuraPanels extend the life of your sauna. Made from Eco Certified Red Cedar and Hemlock wood, your sauna will last many years as it resists splitting and cracking caused by temperature change. Whether you live in temperate or extreme climate, rest assured that your sauna will endure over time.

Safety Guard Construction. Two for you.

Heat resistant dual-wall structure protects your sauna from interior and exterior damage. Impress your family and friends with the furniture grade smooth look of your sauna and take delight of its elegance while being highly safety certified.

Target Repair Composition. You’ll love its friendly structure.

Because wear and tear is inevitable, our friendly structural mechanisms is as simple as order, remove, and replace. And because we are the manufacturer and distributer of your sauna, you will always have speedy access to any parts.

Boundless Heaters. For convenience.

Your Heaters can be easily replaced when needed. JNH Lifestyles hanging heater system is one of a kind. Simply unscrew and screw back in place, completely trouble-free.

On-Tap Digital Control. Add your touch.

Select the desired session temperature and time using the control panel of your far-infrared sauna. Relax and detoxify, sweat, or benefit from heat therapy. Adjust temperature to reach your desired goals. Simply set and let your sauna do the rest.

Organic Core. Always Safe.

Using non-adhesive construction and non-allergic materials provides for an extremely safe interior environment. Gentle and calming to your skin. Good to you through and through.

Revolutionary Technology. Goodbye Toxins.

Melts away stress and tension but will never hurt you. Heater temperature may rise up to 194˚F but will not burn. Far-infrared heaters have been uniquely coated for your protection, emitting vital Sun rays to the body. This new technology causes release of cellular toxins such as sulfur, aluminum, mercury and other toxic gasses.

Automatic Shut-Off. Trust and relax.

Intelligently developed for your peace of mind. Sauna shuts off as timer reaches pre-set time. After a long busy day, do no other but rest by taking a relaxing sauna session. Feel free to confidently fall asleep and awake to a new you.


For more information about our certifications, guarantee and warranty, learn more about us and everything we can offer you when looking for a great sauna for sale

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