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Understanding the Infrared Sauna: How Far Infrared Heaters Operate


Understanding the Infrared Sauna: How Far Infrared Heaters Operate

Understanding the Infrared Sauna: How Far Infrared Heaters Operate

The far infrared sauna has rapidly become the preferred alternative to traditional steam saunas.

Its popularity has increased the number of products available, especially online. With all the different designs and options on hand, it can be tough for the consumer to determine if what they are purchasing is the “real deal”. Before you buy, it helps to have an idea of what exactly makes an excellent infrared sauna.

The heating system is one of the components that consumers should learn about if they wish to make educated decisions when buying products. Infrared heaters are the heart of FIR saunas, and they work by emitting energy of a unique wavelength. 

Function of FIR Heaters 

For a sauna to provide the heat necessary to induce sweating, it must release an energy wavelength of specific microns, usually between 6 and 14. Manufacturers with the best far infrared sauna reviews finetune these wavelengths to between 9.35 and 12 microns in order to maximize the benefits of the sauna.

A quality FIR sauna is one that produces heat that closely resembles the radiant energy emitted by the body. Heaters in these units come with control panels that enable the user to program the temperature of the sauna accordingly. Some units may have dual controls, meaning they can operate from inside or outside the enclosure. Unlike traditional saunas, an infrared unit does not rely upon steam to induce sweating. Instead, the heaters release far-infrared energy that directly heats the occupants, meaning that nearly all the heat is absorbed by the body instead of being lost to the environment. The elimination of steam as a heating source also means that the air temperature inside of the FIR sauna is much cooler, and therefore more tolerable, than the traditional steam unit.

Heater Material 

Ceramic and carbon are the two most common types of heaters found in far infrared sauna reviews. Carbon tends to produce a longer wavelength, and is an extremely light material, which allows manufacturers to construct larger heating panels. Because of the larger surface area, the heating system can operate at a lower surface temperature. The body also better absorbs the longer wavelength, providing more enhanced therapeutic effects.

Like carbon, ceramic heaters also have a very high emissivity. These panels emit a more intense heat than carbon ones, allowing the unit to heat up quicker. Keep in mind, no matter what type of material, the design and style of the overall build will determine how effective the sauna is.

Far infrared saunas are certified safe, even for everyday use. If you’re getting one, make sure to purchase from reputable suppliers like JNH Lifestyles.


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