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How To Have A Date Night In A 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna


Whether you use your 2 person far infrared sauna for relaxation, pain relief, or weight loss, odds are that you think of it as a utilitarian piece of equipment. It is something that you use for the sake of your health, like running shoes. But if you’re looking to connect with your significant other, the intimate and relaxing atmosphere of the sauna can be perfect. Read on to find out our tips for planning a romantic, intimate spa date that your sweetheart will rave about.

Set The Mood

Expensive spas use music and aromatherapy to increase relaxation, and to make their patrons feel pampered. However, you can easily get the same effect at home by searching for “relaxing playlists” or “new age relaxation music” on your favorite online streaming service, such as Spotify. If you want to try some aromatherapy, an essential oil diffuser, reed diffuser, or a few scented candles will do the trick. (Never leave candles burning unattended.) Popular relaxing scents include lavender, sweet orange, and cucumber.

Start Off Hands-On

Invite your partner to slip into a comfy robe, and then use a body brush to “dry brush” each other’s skin, starting at the feet and working your way upward. Once you’re feeling invigorated, consider giving each other a light massage. Remember that it’s best to use a neutral oil for massage, such as sweet almond oil, and be sure to see the next step before stepping into your sauna.

Slip Into The Shower

A quick shower to remove the dead skin and oil that can clog your pores, is ideal before you slip into your sauna together. Many couples find the dark, quiet environment of the sauna to be relaxing and intimate. This is a moment for simple chatting and connection, while enjoying the warmth and quiet together. Make it a point to tell your partner something you appreciate about him or her. Also keep in mind that it’s better not to touch each other while in the sauna.

When you’re done in the sauna, consider taking another lukewarm shower. At this point, you need to decide what you want to do next. Your bodies are feeling great, and you’ve connected with each other. Are you interested in another massage, another sauna session, or are you going to continue the evening in another direction? You can keep the date going and watch a movie together, have dinner, or anything else your heart desires. But best of all, you can do this knowing that you’ve pampered yourselves, both in body and soul.


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