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Far Infrared Sauna EMF: What You Need to Know


You may have heard the hype about electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. Because you may be wondering why anybody would be worried about far infrared sauna EMF emissions, here is a quick rundown of the science, why people are concerned, and the ways that we work hard to keep your family safe.

What ARE EMFs?

EMFs are lines of magnetic force that are produced any time electricity is used. Because they are invisible and intangible, it’s difficult for many people to understand why magnetic fields are a concern. . You can get an idea when you remember that the human body has an electrical charge, and that in a way, your brain and heart “run” on electricity. Given that electromagnetic fields interact with each other, you can see why some people believe that manmade EMFs can have an effect on the human body.

Why Are People Concerned?

While there is little scientific evidence that manmade EMFs are harmful, there are numerous anecdotal accounts. Many people have reported symptoms they experience when they’ve been exposed to large amounts of EMFs. Some of these symptoms include:

● Sleep disruptions

● Difficulty concentrating

● Headache

● Fatigue

● Dizziness

We always suggest that you get any collection of symptoms (including those above) checked out by your doctor. If your medical professional has confirmed that nothing is seriously wrong, you may still want to reduce your exposure to EMFs to moderate your symptoms.

Where Do Saunas Come In?

Since they use electricity to generate heat, older infrared saunas tended to produce a significant electromagnetic field. However, our line of modern saunas has been carefully engineered to prevent excessive EMF emissions. For example, your average laptop emits far more EMF than your infrared sauna, so can enjoy the benefits of your sauna without having to worry about exposing yourself to EMFs.

As long as we love our gadgets, most of us will be exposed to EMFs as we go about our day to day lives. Despite this, it’s great to know that while we are taking our infrared sauna bath, we don’t have to worry about extra exposure. Ah….time to relax.


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