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Far Infrared Sauna EMF Levels Are Perfectly Safe


If you’ve bought a far infrared sauna, then you’re undoubtedly already enjoying the health benefits of having one regularly available. A cleansing session after work or on the weekend is so good for relaxation, and the detoxifying effects are well known. However, some people are mindful of far infrared sauna EMF. In this article we’ll talk a little about EMF and why the level our saunas emit is nothing to fear.

What Exactly Are EMFs?

EMF stand for electromagnetic fields. One of the the reason people might be concerned about a sauna which emits EMFs is that the human body runs on electrical impulses. In essence, that’s what a heartbeat is. It makes sense to wonder about the EMF that a far infrared sauna emits, but in reality there are electrical fields all around us all the time. They’re being emitted by many devices in our homes including our laptops, clock radios, and WiFi routers. Luckily, there has not been demonstrated to be any causality between low levels of EMF and any kind of health problems or disruption to a human body’s ability to function. In the modern world, electromagnetic fields are everywhere, if we want to live in any city or a built-up area. They’re not anything to get concerned about.

In addition, the level of EMF generated by a far infrared sauna is minuscule. At such low frequency, any effect it might have is negligible. Our saunas are safe for anyone, though with younger people, the elderly, or anyone who is disabled, supervision should always be required. While no far infrared sauna can produce zero EMFs, the amount generated by ours is so little that you can use our saunas with complete confidence, and not have to think about any adverse effects.

We made our saunas with two goals in mind: to provide a healthy, cleansing experience for all our users, and to make sure that our saunas were safe, even above the highest of industry standards. We’ve accomplished those goals so you can sit back, relax, and let the heat do its work with complete peace of mind.  

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