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Far Infrared Sauna EMF: How to Tell If Your Sauna Passes the Test


In our modern life, electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are difficult to avoid. Since EMFs are generated any time electricity is used, most of us are surrounded by EMFs all day long, whether we’re driving, lighting our homes, or using our devices. However, many people wonder whether unmitigated EMF exposure is benign, and how it relates to far infrared sauna EMF emissions. Here’s how to check your sauna and other devices to know for sure.

Hunting EMFs: The Gauss Meter

Do you want to measure EMF emissions in your home? You’ll need to invest in a “Gauss meter”, which measures magnetic fields. . Be prepared for unexpected conclusions, because many people purchase a Gauss meter to test their sauna, only to find that their computer, refrigerator, microwave, or cellular phone emit greater amounts of EMF than their sauna.

If you don’t have the time or money it takes to use a Gauss meter, there are a few otherapproaches you can take. For example, you could hire an “EMF expert” to and inspect your home to give you a report and list of recommendations. However, this method can be expensive, and utilized more by large businesses than for personal homes.

Isn’t There an Easier Way?

While there is little evidence that the type of EMFs produced by older infrared saunas is harmful, many people avoid them just in case. If you’d prefer not spend time and money measuring the EMFs at home, there are simple lifestyle changes you can make that limit your EMF exposure without purchasing complicated equipment or hiring a specialist.

● When shopping for an infrared sauna, be sure to buy a “low EMF” or “EMF free” design. Modern sauna makers are sensitive to their customers’ concerns about EMF and have altered manufacturing processes to reduce EMF exposure.

●Set a timer to turn off your Wi-fi at night and when you’re not using it.

●Use headsets or speakerphone when using your cell phone, to move the phone’s EMF emissions away from your head.

●Take time every day to be in nature, and consider practicing “grounding”, or walking on non-paved ground either barefoot or without plastic shoes.

Unfortunately, EMF exposure in modern life is something that we have to deal with. But by following these steps and investing in a quality infrared sauna, you don’t have to sacrifice the positive effects of a sauna to avoid EMF exposure.


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