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Far Infrared Sauna EMF: Getting Started


Reading some of the frightening articles on the internet these days, you’d think that far infrared sauna EMF emissions are such a large problem that sauna users must be worried sick. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Read on to find out the science behind the scare.

Are EMFs Everywhere?

The short answer to this is yes. EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are a feature of modern life. While EMFs are produced in nature all the time (running water, for example produces EMFs, as does the human body itself), manmade EMFs tend to be created when electricity is used. Given how much of the modern world runs on electricity, most people navigate through hundreds or thousands of EMFs in the course of a day.

Should I Be Concerned?

Currently there is almost no scientific evidence is available showing that manmade EMFs are harmful. Many people are concerned, however, because they have anecdotally experienced EMFs as disruptive. Generally, the symptoms that people complain of are minor, although some are large enough to cause someone significant irritation.

Symptoms include:

● Dizziness

● Insomnia

● Difficulty concentrating

● Headache

While science can’t link these symptoms to EMF exposure, many people feel better knowing that they are limiting their EMF exposure, just to be safe.

Does My Sauna Cause EMFs?

Some older versions of infrared sauna did cause significant EMFs to be emitted when they were in use. This is because infrared saunas use electricity to generate the light that generates their heat. For a while, people had to make the choice by weighing the benefits of infrared sauna use with the costs of EMF exposure. However, current cutting-edge sauna building techniques have allowed manufacturers to offer models to the public that create little-to-know EMF exposure (generally by shielding the electric cables the unit uses to transport electricity).

To sum up: EMFs are everywhere around us, but they are probably not harmful. But even if they are, modern infrared saunas are designed to mitigate EMF exposure. There’s no reason to allow the hypothetical dangers of EMF exposure to keep you from enjoying the proven benefits of sauna use. And knowing that--like a sauna session--just feels good!


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