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Concerned About Far Infrared Sauna EMF Emission? Here’s How To Be Safe.


Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are a force generated any time electronic equipment is in use, from cars to computers. In fact, even the electricity naturally occurring in the human heart and brain generates small traces of EMFs. However, many people are concerned about the high number of artificial EMFs that modern life brings us into contact with every day, and wonder whether their far infrared sauna EMF emission is safe.

EMF Exposure

Since EMFs are generated any time that electricity is used, most people are in contact with EMFs throughout the day. While the EPA hasn’t been able to discover any evidence that EMFs are harmful, they do recommend “prudent avoidance”, and some people feel better when they limit their EMF exposure. There are several ways to do this, including avoiding use of electronics when unnecessary, the practice of “grounding” (or standing outside on dirt or grass while barefoot or in leather-soled shoes).

What Does This Have To Do With Infrared Saunas?

Infrared saunas generate heat by shining light on your body, which heats your body directly instead of heating the air around you. To make this light, infrared saunas have to use electricity. Most of the EMFs produced by an infrared sauna would also be produced around its electronics and cable system. Some of the older infrared sauna designs, including most of the “DIY” systems you may see on the internet, did not take EMF emission into consideration and have unshielded electric components.

What Should I Do About It?

While there is little mainstream evidence to suggest that non-ionizing EMFs (the only kind produced by an infrared sauna) are harmful, sauna manufacturers are sensitive to customer concerns, and many infrared saunas are made with advanced shielding technology that prevents the user from experiencing unwanted EMF exposure. With this in mind, if you’re concerned about EMFs, you don’t have to give up the relaxation and wellness benefits of your sauna.

Ultimately, EMFs are a side effect of our technology-heavy lives, the effects of which we have not yet fully determined. We may be unable to go back to a simpler time without laptops, cell phones, and “smart” televisions, but we can still choose how much we want to interact with all this tech. But despite all this, we can still feel good about unwinding in our home sauna--EMF-free!


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