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Beat the Heat by Loosing Weight

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For many New Zealanders, summer is the ideal time to lose weight. Summer brings with it pool parties, long beach days, and other outdoor activities that might involve slipping into a bathing suit or showing off more skin. This in itself might be a motivator, but summer is also the best time for losing weight from a seasonal perspective. This is because heat can suppress appetite. Studies also show that people tend to eat more during the winter months, whether out of sadness from lack of sun, or the natural tendency to eat more carbs during cold weather. The pleasant summer weather also encourages people to be more active, so their bodies are already working harder than usual.

But if you want to have an edge on your weight loss strategy, owning an infrared sauna is the best method. Regular sauna sessions not only result in weight loss on their own, but they also enhance the traditional tips and tricks.

Here are the top five tips to losing weight, and how infrared saunas can help you achieve them:

1.Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Weight loss programs tend to focus primarily on diet and exercise, but proper sleep (at least 7 hours per night) is just as, if not more important. Lack of sleep slows down fats cells, causes food cravings, and decreases energy levels. However, infrared saunas are a great way to promote better sleep in those suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and chronic fatigue. Stress another common deterrent to sleep, but the relaxing properties of infrared heat are one of the best methods to soothing anxious thoughts, and instilling lasting relaxation. Heat therapy before bed also increases the release of melatonin, as your body cools down after being internally warmed up.

2.Detox Toxins

Detox cleanses can look like eating more organic foods, or drinking purified juices, but infrared saunas provide a deeper form of detoxification. This works because the heat penetrates the skin up to two inches, ridding the body of toxins through sweat. Detoxifying your body is a key factor to boosting your energy levels so that you can be more active both physically and mentally. When your body is free of heavy metals and toxins, the more room it has for clarity and vitality in your fitness routine.

3.Exercise More

This might sound like an obvious one, but infrared saunas can help you accomplish this more quickly and with greater ease. The sore feeling that comes with exercise can feel like an accomplishment, but it can also put you out for a few days while your body takes time to recover. However, infrared heat immediately works to sooth and heal sore or pulled muscles so that you can head back to the gym faster than before.

4.Drink Lots of Water

Water is one of the most important things your body need to function properly. Increasing your intake of water, and keeping hydrated are important factors in losing weight. For example, water increases metabolism, curbs hunger, boosts energy, and prevents you from leaning on sugary drinks for hydration. Similarly, one of the most important factors in safe sauna use is keeping hydrated. Since your body loses a considerable amount of water through sweat, sauna use encourages your body to drink more water and keep you on track to your weight goals.

5.Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the process in which your body converts calories into energy. Having a strong metabolism helps you burn calories faster, even between work out sessions. Infrared heat is able to boost metabolic rate because its heat penetrates the skin so deeply.

How This Works

The reason that infrared saunas enable weight loss is because they heat your body’s core to induce sweating. The rise in temperature places pressure on your cardiovascular system, which causes heart rate to increase, and blood flow to quicken to the equivalence of light to moderate exercise. A single sauna session has been proven to burn up to 600 calories! This is opposed to a traditional stream sauna that only heats the air around the body, causing weight loss primarily from water weight. The higher temperatures of steam saunas limit session time, which does not give your body the chance to reap the cardio benefits that result in true weight loss and conditioning.

Jump start your weight loss plan this summer by purchasing an infrared sauna, and call a representative from JNH Lifestyles to learn more!

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