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Top Design Considerations for Your Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna Unit


Top Design Considerations for Your Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna Unit

Detoxification through sweat has always been a good way to expel harmful toxins from the system. Saunas provide an environment conducive to this process by generating enough heat for the body to activate its sweat glands. Far infrared saunas have gained a name in the market for meeting the detoxification and relaxation needs of consumers.

far infrared sauna EMF utilizes infrared light to warm the body and remove harmful substances that accumulate in the system. The safety and health benefits that infrared saunas provide make them popular, and consumers may find it difficult to pick an appropriate unit from the many options available. Manufacturers produce FIR saunas in different designs to cater to a variety of needs, so identifying what suits your requirements can make the decision less confusing. 

The Wood 

Never assume that one type of wood is as good as the next one. A  low EMF far infrared sauna requires wood that has been dried properly in a kiln to prevent cracking and warping. Some manufacturers don’t let the wood cure as intended, which compromises its integrity. The best wood for an infrared sauna is one that does not outgas or contain toxins. Canadian Western Red Cedar and Hemlock are two of the top choices when building a sauna. Besides beauty, these species have incredible expansion and contraction properties.


The ease of assembly of a low EMF far infrared sauna will determine how good its design will turn out. Any decent sauna should not present challenges when it comes to piecing it together. The alignment should be precise, bolts should tighten, and panels should fit where they are supposed to. You can read the testimonials on a distributor’s page to learn what previous customers have to say about the assembly process.

Comfort and Sauna Accessories 

You’ll want a low EMF far infrared sauna that will not cause exhaustion during use, so it is important to keep in mind that comfort levels vary from one design to another. Factors such as the height and size of the user will determine the most comfortable design. The style of the seating area is also an aspect that will dictate how comfortable you get in your sauna. Distributors have various accessories that can enhance your luxury, and an ergonomic lumbar support and headrest, for example, will make it less challenging to relax your head and enjoy the heat. Foot warmers and oxygen ionizers are also some of the accessories that will come in handy when seeking to enhance comfort levels.


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