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No EMF Far Infrared Sauna as a Good Complement to Weight Loss Routines


No EMF Far Infrared Sauna as a Good Complement to Weight Loss Routines </p><p>

No EMF Far Infrared Sauna as a Good Complement to Weight Loss Routines 

The no EMF far infrared sauna is one of the newest sauna technologies to hit the market, and many consumers can’t tell the difference between these saunas and their traditional counterparts.

Unlike conventional saunas that heat the body from the outside, far infrared saunas heat the body from the inside out. Since infrared energy penetrates the skin to heat the core of the body, temperatures don’t need to be as high as in a steam sauna. In fact, most infrared saunas operate at 140° Fahrenheit, as opposed to 200° Fahrenheit in traditional units. 

Calories Burned 

Chemicals and heavy metals accumulated in fat cells can prevent the body from eliminating unwanted fat. One way to flush out these toxins is through far infrared sauna treatments.

In a 2003 study, the far infrared sauna was documented to have burned up to 300-600 calories, making it one of the fastest ways to burn calories without having to do anything. This finding comes with the caveat, however, that a regular exercise and diet regimen should still be adhered to in order to maximize weight loss efforts. It should also be noted that a large percentage of weight loss post-sauna session may be a result of lost water weight, not fat burning.

How it Works 

Heat generated by the sauna penetrates the skin, warming the muscles and organs in the core of the body. The body responds to the increase in heat by attempting to cool itself through the process of perspiration. As the body strives to cool itself down, the heart and metabolic rates increase, as well as cardiac output.

Profuse sweating is responsible for the elevation in basal body temperature, which in turn boosts metabolism. When metabolism is high, food is converted into energy much more efficiently; when it is slow, however, this energy is stored in fat tissues. If it is not released, the energy will remain in the fat cells, leading the body to gain weight.

If you’re looking to buy a personal sauna, also make sure to check the far infrared sauna EMF levels for your safety. Reliable suppliers like JNH Lifestyles should be able to help you find the unit that suits your needs best, while making your safety the top consideration. 


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