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Far Infrared Sauna EMF: What You Need to Know

You may have heard the hype about electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. Because you may be wondering why anybody would be worried about far infrared sauna EMF emissions, here is a quick rundown of the science, why people are concerned, and the ways that we work hard to keep your family safe.What ARE EMFs?EMFs are [...]

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Using Your Infrared Sauna In The Warmer Months

While regular infrared sauna use makes intuitive sense during the chilly, dark days of winter, some people are surprised to hear that the weather doesn’t have to be cold to experience infrared sauna’s numerous benefits. If you’ve been worrying that the change of weather means that you’ll have to cut back on your sauna sessions, [...]

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The Heart of the Matter

Heart Awareness Month might fall in February, but it was nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. Your heart is more than a symbol of love or a paper cut out on a greeting card. It is the most important organ in the human body, and yet heart disease is the biggest killer in New Zealand [...]

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Considering A 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna? Why It Might Be Right for You

If you’re in the market for a home unit, you may be wondering whether you should get a single or a 2 person far infrared sauna. Especially if you’re considering using your sauna for pain treatment, stress relief, or other health benefits, you may have a difficult time picturing when you would want to [...]

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Wondering If a Far Infrared Sauna Can Improve Your Skin?

Everybody wants great-looking skin. Whether your concern is aging, acne, or just the dullness that comes from being tired and dehydrated. Sometimes it can feel like getting the skin you want is an impossible project. However, did you know that many people use a far infrared sauna to help get a great [...]

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Can Far Infrared Saunas Promote a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle?

While many things claim to be heart-healthy--from breakfast cereal to swimming--most people haven’t considered the heart health benefits that far infrared saunas have to offer. If your doctor has cleared you for sauna use, you should consider incorporating this gentle, natural technology into your daily routine, and here is why.What Do the Studies Say?Some [...]

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Infrared Saunas for Self-Care

You’ve seen the magazine articles and blog posts: infrared saunas are stylish these days. They may be popular among everyone from Hollywood celebrities to elite athletes, but their popularity might make you skeptical. Famous people are prone to diving into strange trends, , so how can you know that saunas are not another empty [...]

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Far Infrared Sauna EMF: How to Tell If Your Sauna Passes the Test

In our modern life, electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are difficult to avoid. Since EMFs are generated any time electricity is used, most of us are surrounded by EMFs all day long, whether we’re driving, lighting our homes, or using our devices. However, many people wonder whether unmitigated EMF exposure is benign, [...]

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Beat the Heat by Loosing Weight

For many New Zealanders, summer is the ideal time to lose weight. Summer brings with it pool parties, long beach days, and other outdoor activities that might involve slipping into a bathing suit or showing off more skin. This in itself might be a motivator, but summer is also the best time for losing weight from a seasonal perspective. This [...]

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Reasons Why an Infrared Sauna Can Soothe Depression

While some benefits of regular infrared sauna use are intuitive, like pain relief, relaxation, and increased circulation--some fly under the radar, even among health conscious people One of these lesser-known benefits is their ability to boost mood and ease depression. If this comes as a surprise, check out the evidence.Healing with HeatWhile [...]

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